Sister Lydia Longley Madeleine Council # 13140

We are a Parish Council serving all Parishioners of OLOG with a special focus on the youth of our Parish.

For more information, please contact Rich Marton, our Grand Knight.

2019 - 2020 Council Officers

Chaplin - Fr. Jeremy St. Martin

Grand Knight - Rich Marton

Deputy Grand Knight - Tom Fitzpatrick

Chancellor - Bill Talbot

Recorder - Ben Krywucki

Financial Secretary - Bob Johnson

Treasurer - Doug Reid

Lecturer - Pete Braudis

Advocate - Bob Tocci

Warden - Francisco Garcia

Inside Guard - Tony Corsetti

Outside Guard - Tom Pistorino

Trustee for 3 Years - Dennis Murray

Trustee for 2 Years - Tony Caruso

Trustee for 1 Year - Mike Sheedy