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Priest mediates between Zimbabwe generals, Mugabe

CAPE TOWN, South Africa (CNS) -- A Catholic priest is mediating between Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and generals who seized power.

U.S. bishops take on immigration, racism at fall assembly

BALTIMORE (CNS) -- At the start of their annual fall assembly in Baltimore Nov. 13, U.S. Catholic bishops faced some big issues -- immigration and racism -- straight on and zeroed in on how to raise the national level of discussion on these topics starting in the church pews.

Hindus threaten missioners; bishop seeks protection for Christians

SAGAR, India (CNS) -- A Catholic bishop has sought protection for the Christian community in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh after Hindu nationalists marched through the streets waving burning torches and denouncing missionaries.

Archbishop of Puerto Rico sees spiritual rebirth after hurricane's wrath

BALTIMORE (CNS) -- Almost two months after the devastating winds and rains of Hurricane Maria pummeled the island of Puerto Rico, there is still no clear path to recovery.

Bishops urged to seize momentum to evangelize coming from convocation

BALTIMORE (CNS) -- Last July's Convocation of Catholic Leaders proved to be such a hit among participants that local dioceses were encouraged during the U.S. bishops' fall general assembly to build on the momentum that emerged to answer Pope Francis' call to evangelize.

Australian archbishop: New marriage law must include conscience clauses

CANBERRA, Australia (CNS) -- After a majority of Australians indicated they favored same-sex marriage, Australia's bishops said legislators must ensure that any new law on marriage includes protection for religious freedom.

Longing for peace: Pope to preach dialogue in Bangladesh, Myanmar

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- While the ongoing crisis of Rohingya refugees fleeing Myanmar for Bangladesh will draw much attention during Pope Francis' visit to the two countries in late November, the pope also is expected to focus on interreligious dialogue, poverty and climate change.

'Papal' Lamborghini gift to be auctioned off for charity

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- While a Lamborghini would make a stylish popemobile, Pope Francis has decided to auction off the one he was given by the Italian automaker to aid several charities close to his heart.

Mass is a time of silence and prayer, not idle chitchat, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Mass is the highest form of prayer and not an appropriate moment for small talk, Pope Francis said.

Bishop asks for prayers after shooting tragedy in California

BALTIMORE (CNS) -- Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, California, asked his brother bishops meeting in Baltimore to pray for the victims of the nation's latest shooting tragedy.