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Veterans honored at Veterans Day Mass

BOSTON -- The veterans gathered at Our Lady of Good Voyage Shrine in South Boston bowed their heads as Father Richard Erikson prayed over them during the Archdiocese of Boston's annual Veterans Day Mass, held this year on Nov. 10.

The Psalms as models for gratitude

A wise person once observed that "gratitude is the aristocrat of attitudes." Gratitude not only shows consideration for the one who gave a gift or did a favor -- it also promotes mental health if we cultivate the habit of gratefulness for things great and small.

Making a holiday holy

Michael celebrated his first Thanksgiving as a married man at the home of his wife Maria's parents. Gathered for the huge midday meal were her parents and Maria's siblings with their spouses. All the traditional foods were served and the conversation was good.

Imitate the first Thanksgiving with local fare

If we take the lead from the first Thanksgiving, our holiday tables should feature the food and people close to us.

Cardinal revises parish-Central Ministries financial relationship model

BRAINTREE -- A decree issued by Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley makes revisions to the way parishes support the Central Ministries of the Archdiocese of Boston.

Forming the Future: Robotics Club at St. Michael School, Lowell

LOWELL -- With a tiny whir, the wheels moved, and the hand-sized robot rolled itself across the table. It stopped for a moment, then quickly rolled backward, back to the middle of the table.

Signs of the times

Despite the fact that it's not a big election year, if you drive along the residential streets of any city or town, you'll notice a growing proliferation of yard signs. Most are variations on a popular theme: Hate Has No Home Here. On the surface, the message seems positive and well-intentioned. But what lurks behind the signs feels an awful lot like judgment and accusation. After all, one who claims to have banished hatred from his own home in such a public way does so by implying that it is alive and well at the homes of the people who live next door or across the street -- in the houses without signs.

What's happening these days in pastoral planning?

Every once in a while it is good to stop and take a good look at all that is going on behind the scenes in pastoral planning. It is important to keep our readers up to speed on all that is taking place in the archdiocese particularly in relation to Disciples in Mission. Recent articles have focused on a variety of events that have taken place on the archdiocesan level: the Hope Conference, the symposium at Boston College for the Portuguese Catholic Community and the Enculturation Program for priests from outside the U.S. While all of these programs have some degree of importance to the work of Disciples in Mission, there is still more going on at the parish level that is directly related to pastoral planning and the preparation of parishes before they begin as new collaboratives.

Conservatives: What they are and what they aren't

We all live in a moment in history where it is all-politics-all-the-time. Everything from our health to our wealth, from the womb to the tomb, is viewed through the lens of increasingly divisive and rancorous politics. The resulting distortions are many. The most serious is language, the very tool we use to make political sense to one another. The meaning of the word "conservative" has been a major victim.

Help families avoid making the choice 'to heat or eat'

This month, we at Catholic Charities are hard at work with our many partners to help our clients prepare for the impending chill of winter. Dropping temperatures create a whole host of new needs for our clients, we assist the people we serve at this time of year in part by stepping up our food distribution efforts. In addition to the work we do year round for our community at each of our six food pantries, we are holding our annual Thanksgiving Turkey Giveaway and begin our Friends Feeding Families campaign.