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USCCB welcomes Treasury Department guidance on 'parking lot tax'

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- The chairmen of two U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' committees welcomed a new explanation from the Treasury Department that relaxed rules on the payment of taxes by churches and nonprofits that offer employee parking.

Catholic social teaching held up in efforts to overcome polarization

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Pope Francis' repeated invitations to practice mercy and charity have become the focus of efforts to defuse the widespread polarization that has wracked society and has crossed into Catholic circles.

Three cardinals end service on pope's Council of Cardinals

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Three members of Pope Francis' Council of Cardinals have officially ended their service as papal advisers on the reform of the Roman Curia.

Shooting in Brazilian cathedral leaves five dead, four injured

SAO PAULO (CNS) -- A gunman opened fire inside a Brazilian church, killing four people and injuring four others before turning the gun on himself, police said.

Pope Francis on the 'gay mentality' that has 'influenced the life of the Church

On December 3, The Strength of a Vocation, a book length interview with Pope Francis by Father Fernando Prado, a Spanish Claretian Missionary, was published in ten languages.

Is confessor a worse sinner?

Q. I know of several Catholics today who refuse to go to confession because they feel that the priest might be a worse sinner than they are. But yet if they get sick, they want their parish priest to come immediately to give them a blessing. How can I explain to them their inconsistency? ("Confused" in Johnstown, Pennsylvania)

Tolkien, Chesterton and the adventure of mission

There is a common, and I'll admit somewhat understandable, interpretation of J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy that sees the great work as a celebration of the virtues of the Shire, that little town where the hobbits dwell in quiet domesticity. Neat, tidy hobbit holes, filled with comfortable furniture, delicate tea settings, and cozy fireplaces are meant, this reading has it, to evoke the charms of a "merrie old England" that existed before the rise of modernity and capitalism. As I say, there is undoubtedly something to this, for Tolkien, along with C.S. Lewis and the other members of the Inklings group, did indeed have a strong distaste for the excesses of the modern world.

Sisters of St. Joseph will not defend embezzling LA sisters

Los Angeles, Calif., Dec 11, 2018 CNA.- The two religious sisters accused of embezzling from a California Catholic school face a criminal investigation, and will not be defended by their religious community.

Our Lady of Guadalupe: Empress of the Americas

Mexico City, Mexico, Dec 11, 2018 CNA/EWTN News.- It would be virtually impossible to travel to Mexico without seeing the colorful, star-cloaked, Satan-snake-crushing image of Our Lady of Guadalupe on street corners, in private homes, on restaurant walls, and certainly in church chapels.

New law will provide relief to genocide victims in Iraq, Syria

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- President Donald Trump has signed into law the Iraq and Syria Genocide Relief and Accountability Act of 2018, which will provide humanitarian relief to genocide victims in Iraq and Syria and hold accountable Islamic State perpetrators of genocide.