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Churches attacked in Chile ahead of Pope's visit

Santiago, Chile, Jan 12, 2018 ACI Prensa.- Just days before Pope Francis' visit to Chile, three Catholic churches in the capital of Santiago were attacked by unknown assailants.

Fear becomes sin when it leads to hostility toward migrants, pope says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Being afraid and concerned about the impact of migration is not a sin, Pope Francis said, but it is a sin to let those fears lead to a refusal to help people in need.

A call for civility

During the Christmas-Epiphany Season I had the pleasure of celebrating liturgies with both the Haitian Catholic Community on their Independence Day (January 1) and last week with the Cape Verdean Catholic Community at St. Peter's Parish in Dorchester.

Cardinal O'Malley urges 'language of compassion, justice, and love' on immigration

BRAINTREE -- In a statement released Jan. 12 on his weekly blog, Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley relayed his hope that the New Year will bring a change in the language surrounding immigration reform, one that steps away from "epithets" and instead gravitates towards love.

Catholics condemn 'racist' comments attributed to president

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Some Catholics said it was more important to look at the sentiment, not the vulgarity of the words the president of the United States allegedly used to refer to immigrants from certain countries: Disparaging, hateful, racist.

Catholics urged to ignore rhetoric, help immigrants facing deportation

NEW YORK (CNS) -- Catholics have a responsibility to look past the noisy rhetoric of the current debate on immigration and answer the "cry of the poor" by engaging with individuals facing deportation.

Laity taking their rightful place in pro-life work, ministry

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- Building a culture of life is not solely the work of bishops and ordained clergy. Laypeople take the lead in diocesan and parish settings, and in independent organizations, to make the case for life.

Belgian Catholics concerned about abuse of country's euthanasia law

OXFORD, England (CNS) -- Catholics in Belgium are concerned the country's euthanasia law is being abused to kill patients without legal checks and safeguards.

Trump comments 'harsh, offensive,' Vatican newspaper says

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- In its continuing coverage of the U.S. immigration debate, the Vatican newspaper noted media reports that President Donald Trump "used particularly harsh and offensive words about immigrants" from several countries.

Walls between respect life, social justice camps come tumbling down

WASHINGTON (CNS) -- When Cardinal Joseph L. Bernardin offered the idea that the church could approach its concern for protecting human dignity in tackling abortion, euthanasia, poverty and peace under a "seamless garment" during a 1983 speech at Fordham University, there were doubters who said the concept was flawed.