Parish Finance Council

A group of parishioners who have backgrounds in business management, property maintenance and administration, finance, planning, budgeting, accounting, investment, fund-raising and/or the law, and who meet every other month beginning in September (the 4th week of the month) with the Pastor & Business Manager (Debbie Lackey) to help with the administration of parish finances, facilities & business matters.  Three task areas are involved:  Property Management, Budget, and Fund-raising.  The group helps prepare the parish budget, gives an annual financial report to the congregation, and helps raise money. 

Contact:  Debbie Lackey, Business Manager, 978-433-5737, ext. 307 or

Vice Chair of the PFC, George Cacace

 Current Members - July 1, 2016-June 30, 2017

Pat Buckjune  
George Cacace Vice Chairperson
Joe Comuzzi  
Sharon Marshall  
Debbie Lackey Ex-Officio
Dcn Mike Markham Ex-Officio
Fr. Bob Poitras Chair - Administrator