Confirmation Process CY1/CY2

Welcome to information all about our Confirmation Process at OLOG Parish for Confirmation Year 1 (CY1) & Confirmation Year 2 (CY2)!

 Latest Information April 2017:

Confirmation Sacrament Dates for November 2017.  Please click on the following link for more information...

Sacrament of Confirmation Process Details


Here is where you can look up the Outline plan for our monthly Sessions.  It will tell you what you have to prepare for, for each Monthly Process Session!  Remember to type  your name at the top of the page, the session date, and your short responses to the CY1 - What does DoCat Say?  Questions/CY2 - What does YouCat Say? Questions. 

CY1 & CY2 Outline Session Material Plan 2016 -2017


CY2 Candidates!  Here is where you can locate the Sponsor name, Saint Name & Bishop's Letter forms that need to be complete, and submitted for our CY2 Session on Sunday April 9th 2017 (Please Note: This is an extension from our previous March 12th date)!  

We anticipate that we will receive our November Sacrament of Confirmation Dates by the end of March!!

Saint Name Form - Confirmation 2017

Sponsor Name Form - Confirmation 2017

Bishop's Letter Form - Confirmation 2017